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Shades of Grey

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The other day, I had to let go of an employee. Not because he was performing poorly, but simply because our business had changed completely over the past few years (I sold one company) and we didn’t have any new projects fitting his profile nor preferences. It wasn’t a decision…


15 Things Leaders Never Do

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It’s tough to get anywhere in the world of business if you’re not able to display leadership. If you want to quarterback a winning team you need to be assertive in exhibiting your skills at being in charge. You’ve got to be sure of yourself and have the strength of…


Culture is the New Social Media

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  Almost every company realizes that they need to do it, but few know how to get it right. Culture is hot, and just as with social media, so-called experts are popping up all over the place. In the early days of social media, an expert was anyone who understood…


Stay Motivated With These 7 Tips

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Persistence and motivation are in many ways the rocket fuels of success. Certainly if you wish to impress colleagues with your leadership and management you had better hone both of these skills. Immediately after waking each day I have started posting a motivational quote to test its effect on me…

Our Purpose

Fulfilling human potential through learning and contributing to the enrichment of the lives of others.

Our Mission

Providing inspiration to the world by sparking off the growth of a global learning culture and creating community leaders through innovative learning platform and quality organisational learning solutions

Creating Smarter Learning Feedback System

TalentEDge will revolutionise how organisations will gather and analyse learning data of each member of their workforce involved in our learning management platform that goes beyond organisational capability to manage individual cross-organisational learning data.

Empowering World Class Learning Content and Delivery Experts

We strive to be a vital quality and continuous learning delivery channel and platform through tireless support and initiatives to increase the level of quality of our learning content and delivery experts available in each local market of the countries we are present.

Instilling Continuous Learning Opportunities for Everyone

Through embarking on a learning journey with us, organisations will create a path for their people to take their own initiatives to learn through coaching and self-learning capabilities of our platform to help them to reach their goals more effectively. Our platform, with potential data generated through training subscribed are able to help these individuals to plan for their learning better while providing courses for upskilling easily.

Partnering With You In Your Learning Strategy is a truly revolutionary learning platform that connects content creators like authors, publishers, professional speakers to reach out to everyone on the web. We believe that education and learning should be made easily accessible for anyone at anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet.

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Corporate Learning Solutions

With highly customised learning courses that are relevant to a variety of business challenges faced by organisations today, we constantly seek to deliver only what is of importance to bridge the learning gap of people in organisations instead of everything of a topic that is assumed would be of beneficial with no clear avenue of practice. We do what is necessary to bring out the best in talents and ensure that they are able to translate what they have learned into immediate actions with impact.

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Neuroscience for learning

Discover how the study of neuroscience converge into the practice of talent and performance management from its initial medical objectives. We adopted the practice of management through neuroscience via PRISM Brainmapping, a neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance, developed by the Centre of Applied Neuroscience from the UK.

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“I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ~ Robert Frost
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